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Make any of our Delicious Flavors of Ice Cream into a Creamy Milkshake!

Menu and Prices

Ice Cream

Kiddie Ice Cream Scoop-$1.50

Small Ice Cream Scoop (4.5 oz) - $2.00

Regular Ice Cream Scoop (9.5 oz) - $2.75

Single Scoop Waffle Cone - $3.75

Double Scoop Waffle Cone - $4.95

Ready Pints - $3.50

Custom Pints - $5.00

Brown Cow (Any Ice Cream Flavor with Reed's Chocolate Milk)- $3.75

Milkshake- $3.85

Snickers Ice Cream Bar - $1.50


Floats- $3.85

Grape Ape (Lime Rickey/Grape Fanta)

Rootbeer Float

Tropical Mist (Maui Waui/Sierra Mist)



Gossner Milk - $.50 Each

Chocolate Milk

Strawberry Milk

Rootbeer Milk

Banana Milk

Cookies 'n Cream Milk

Mango Milk


Reed's Dairy Items

Pint of Chocolate Milk- $2.99

1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk- $5.99

1/2 Gallon of Raw Milk- $5.00

Cheese Curds (12 oz)- $5.00


Candy & Misc

Soda - $1.00

Trudy's Famous Fudge - $2.50